Welcome to GottaSwing!

We’re so excited to welcome you to our inclusive friendly community!


Swing dancing is one of the most fun and positive social activities you’ll ever experience. You don’t need a partner or any previous dance background. During our classes, we use a partner rotation which means that everyone gets to dance with everyone.

Feeling shy? We’ve all been there! You will have an opportunity to dance with many individuals who are feeling just as shy as you are. Have a laugh as you learn together.

Remember no one was born knowing how to swing dance and we were all beginners at one time. There’s no such thing as two left feet; if you know how to walk, we can teach you how to dance. It’s that simple!

Our instructors will be there every step of the way as they teach you the basics and they’ll be happy to answer all your swing related questions.

New beginner sessions are starting soon in a location near you in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. Join us!

Still not sure? Visit our FAQ for answers to your questions, click here to visit our schedule and register for a class, or contact us if you have any inquiries.