Become a Licensee

Welcome to the world of swing dancing. We are offering to select individuals the opportunity to license the Gottaswing name and business model. We've chosen to make this opportunity available because the biggest problem in the swing dance world is the lack of a professional business approach to marketing, operating and expanding this wonderful American social dance. Essentially, people get enthused, open a dance program, and then are overwhelmed by the business aspects. Our purpose is to help others, at a very reasonable cost, by providing the knowledge we've acquired since we began teaching in 1994.

We now operate the largest and most successful swing dance business in the United States (and probably the world!) with over 4,000 students annually and 15 locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We now have our first licensee in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unlike the traditional ballroom dance business model we do not require a full-time, 7 day a week commitment nor will you need to own your own or rent a brick and mortar establishment. Instead, we can provide a turnkey business model that will jump-start your very own swing scene. You don't have to be a dance teacher or even an expert dancer to start a Gottaswing operation in your town. The primary requirement is that you have a welcoming attitude and a real desire to create a community of swing dancers by providing lessons and dances.

If you're interested, please contact for additional information.