Charleston Variations with Tom & Debra (Intermediate Level)

Charleston Variations.jpeg
Charleston Variations.jpeg

Charleston Variations with Tom & Debra (Intermediate Level)


Charleston is where swing dancing began! Tom and Debra present 11 Charleston moves, ranging in complexity from easy to advanced. The material is presented in a clear and organized fashion, sowing footwork and lead from different angles. Each move si explained and broken down with an emphasis on the lead and follow skills that make these Charleston variations easy to incorporate into your swing dance repertoire. The DVD begins with a review of the transition into Back Charleston taught in the Gottaswing beginner class session, and takes you through many fun and interesting variations of both Back Charleston and Side-by-Side Charleston.

Through the magic of DVD, you may pause and repeat the moves as necessary, thereby saving Tom’s bad jokes and Debra’s long-suffering patience.


  • Transition to Back Charleston
  • Lawnmower Turn
  • Swedish S-Turn
  • Traveling Charleston
  • Hand-to-Hand Charleston’ The Kickaround
  • Pushback Charleston
  • Push out Charleston
  • Rollover Charleston
  • The Roll-in-Place
  • Crossover Charleston
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