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LINDY IN THE CITY presents TONGUE IN CHEEK JAZZ BAND at DanceSport Dupont Circle, Dupont Circle

  • Church of the Pilgrims 2201 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 (map)

Join us for a special dance with live music as we inaugurate LINDY IN THE CITY at DanceSport Dupont Circle, with an emphasis on traditional swing music. Beginner swing lesson 8:30-9pm, dance 9-11pm, with a special low, low price of ONLY $10!
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We are delighted to partner on this event with our friends at DanceSportDupontCircle, located in the Church of the Pilgrims Fellowship Hall (downstairs gated entrance on the south-facing wall of the church), where you can learn a variety of dances from Argentine Tango to West Coast Swing in a friendly environment. Visit DanceSportDupontCircle, Contact & Directions page, for more information on parking, including directions and maps showing on-street parking.

Banjos, Fiddles, Brass, Hot Jazz, Loose Men, and Clean Liquor. Tongue in Cheek Jazz Band is Baltimore's premier hot jazz band that honors both tradition and innovation in this classic music. From traditional rag time dances, to Mingus and Monk covers, to the complete Louis Armstrong repertoire, Tongue in Cheek is paving the way for Neo-Traditional American Jazz Music.

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