An Afternoon with Paolo and Laurentina

Sunday, October 8

Spend Sunday afternoon with New York City dancer, choreographer, instructor and producer PAOLO PASTA LANNA and the lovely LAURENTINA! These world travelers offers three fun, instructive and challenging workshops for intermediate-level dancers. You must be proficient with six-count and eight-count Lindy patterns. No partner needed.

All classes are held at DanceSport Dupont Circle at Church of the Pilgrims, 2201 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037. 

All classes are $20/advance, $25/door. 

Collegiate Shag

Sunday, October 8

This workshop will introduce you to one of the more unique styles of swing dancing that has been making a big comeback across the dance world. Collegiate Shag originated in the 1920s and grew out of Fox Trot. It's perfectly suited for uptempo swing music. Suitable for dancers with a background in six-count patterns.

Fun Swing Patterns

Sunday, October 8

We'll build your vocabulary of patterns from the fun and fancy to the slick and slotted! This class is grounded in six-count but will cross over into expanded timing resulting in resolutions that fit the phrasing of the music. In so doing, if we make you smile or giggle, we've done our job! Suitable for all levels.

Swivels and Syncopations

Sunday, October 8

This workshop will saturate you with swivel technique, building classic Lindy Hop material along the way. Then, you'll learn to syncopate it all for your dance enjoyment! Great for leaders and followers alike; you must be comfortable with eight-count Lindy patterns.